Key facts

Interesting facts and figures about the wind farm, at a glance.

Wind turbines

Wind turbine generators 116
  • Installed capacity 400MW
  • Rating per turbine 3.45MW
  • Turbine height to hub 80m
  • Turbine height to blade tip 140m
  • Length of blades 55m
  • Diameter of blades 112m


Monopile foundations 116
  • Foundation weight 550-800tonnes
  • Foundation length 60-80m
  • Transition piece weight 250tonnes


Of buried onshore cables 27km
  • Inter-array cables (total) 144km
  • Array cables strings each with nine to 10 turbines 12
  • Array cable voltage 33kV
  • Length of offshore export cables 16km
  • Onshore cable voltage 150kV circuits

Offshore substation

offshore substation 1
  • Offshore substation weight 3000tonnes
  • Offshore substation converts power to 150kV
  • Onshore substation converts power to 400kV
  • Substation jacket foundation weight 900tonnes

Project benefits

  • Annual power generation 1 1,400GWh
  • UK homes supplied equivalent (approx.) 2 350,000
  • Approx emission reductions per annum 3 600,000tonnes
  1. Assumed capacity factors for offshore wind, The Contracts for Difference (Standard Terms) Regulations August 2014, DECC. Generation: 400MW x 0.39 x 8760 x 1,000 = 1,366,560,000KWh / 1,367GWh pa)
  2. Based on an average annual domestic household electricity consumption of 3,938 (BEIS)
  3. Every unit (kWh) of electricity produced by the wind displaces a unit of electricity, which would otherwise have been produced by a power station burning fossil fuel. This calculation is made using a static figure of 430g CO2/kWh representing the energy mix in the UK.