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Over the course of the development and construction of Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, we have had hundreds of questions so we have selected the most common to be answered on this page. If you have a question that is not covered here or elsewhere on the website, feel free to submit it.

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Technical details

What model and how many turbines are there?

Rampion has 116 x 3.45MW turbines. This decision was largely driven by the findings of our geotechnical surveys to understand the seabed conditions, which turned out to be challenging in some areas of the site. In total the scheme will contribute 400MW of newly installed electrical capacity to the UK’s energy mix.

The turbine layout is a regular grid matrix with a minimum spacing between the turbines of at least 750 m and including one offshore substation. The final layout was signed off by the relevant statutory bodies.

How much power will Rampion generate?

The 400MW of installed electrical capacity will generate almost 1,400 gigawatt hours (GWh) of power output each year from a clean, renewable energy source. This is enough power to supply the equivalent of almost 350,000 UK homes each year for the lifetime of the project.

What type of foundations were used?

They were monopile foundations to support all the turbines in the final layout, with a jacket foundation being employed for the offshore substation.

What is the final onshore design?

The onshore cable route is defined by the DCO as a 40m corridor within which we are restricted to a 30m working width. The onshore surveys helped with refining the working width to avoid ecologically sensitive areas, such as mature trees, and in particularly sensitive areas (pinch points) we reduced the working width to 15m for short distances to reduce the impact on hedgerows.

The optimised scheme of 400MW has allowed us to reduce the number of circuits from four to two. However, did still require the haul road, topsoil and subsoil storage areas and we need to retain sufficient distance between the circuits to meet thermal conductivity requirements.

How much has the wind farm cost?

The capital investment from development through to construction and commissioning is likely to be in region of £1bn - £1.2bn.