Visiting Rampion

Rampion has received many enquiries from people interested in visiting the wind farm.

We do not currently have plans to organise public boat trips ourselves as our resources are focussed on completing the construction of the wind farm. However a number of local charter boat operators are offering the opportunity to get a more close up view of the project. They are also aware of the safety requirements.

Due to the fact there are on-going construction works, a 500-metre safety exclusion zone is in place.

Here is the Safety Exclusion Zone notice for downloading if required.

Anyone intending to head out towards the wind farm should check the safety exclusion zone details and also remain clear of any of the construction or working vessels.

Rampion intends to open a Visitor Centre in 2018 and more details will be posted on the website closer to the time. This will enable local people, schools and visitors to the area to learn more about wind energy and the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.

For a first hand experience of a charter boat visit to the wind farm, read Christian Donlan’s article published in the New Statesman here.