Round Six: Spring 2020

Grant Application Beneficiary Grant Amount Project Description
Bolney CE Primary School 8397.45 Bolney CE Primary School is an important part of the Bolney community, the main part of the school is 150 years old and requires continuous maintenance. The staff work closely with governors, children and their parents on how to improve the school and its environment. The Bolney community is very supportive of the school and they endeavour to support the community as much as possible. This funding will replace current lighting with LED lighting across the whole school, massively reducing power usage and saving money now and in the future. The project will enable the school to spend its small budget on providing an excellent curriculum instead of energy usage. The school has records of energy use from 2017 and will be able to compare this to future energy use. Learning projects completed by the children will demonstrate their raised awareness.


Twineham & Wineham Cricket Club 10000 The club, founded about 125 years ago, will continue to use the pitch and pavilion and maintenance of the pavilion will be within the budget of the club. This funding will be used to part fund a new cricket pavilion at Twineham recreation ground with a new building built very close to the original site ensuring minimal community impact. As well as providing a viable hub for all users of the playing field, it is fully expected that a new facility to encourage many people in the local community to become members of the cricket club.


Shermanbury Parish Council 6787 Parish Council for Shermanbury Parish; the level of government that is closest to the community, making policies and decisions relevant to the public interest. Speeding traffic is a big issue within the parish. Funding used to alleviate this issue by installing Speed Indicator Devices. Also for a new finger post, ensuring the heritage of the parish.


Breathing Spaces Community Interest Company 10000 Breathing Spaces are seeking to provide opportunities for young people disadvantaged by learning difficulties, autism, or mental health conditions, including asylum-seekers, to find meaningful ways to be part of the community and improve their self-esteem and confidence through productive and therapeutic occupation. This funding will deliver a work experience programme on their heritage flower farm and veg project involving clients and volunteers in increasing the diversity of wildflower species in a derelict barnyard owned by partners Sompting Estate. Creating community engagement activities and producing promotional materials associated with the above.


Weald Allotment Gardeners Association 1238 Weald Allotment Gardeners group Community Fridge Project aims to reduce food waste and tackle climate change by supplying locally grown and produced food to people who are experiencing food insecurity. This funding will support the purchase of supplementary equipment as well as the training of six volunteers in food hygiene.


Actors of Dionysus 6559 Actors of Dionysus advance public education in the arts with reference to the art of theatre and Greek classical drama. They work in theatres, in schools and beyond – by touring bold productions alongside excellent educational resources. Savage Beauty is an open-air show for the 2020 Brighton Fringe which is an adaptation of the classic play Antigone that tackles climate change and the environmental issues facing us all. It is particularly poignant considering the recent circumstances across the world and we hope this will be a creative response that will get people debating and taking action.


One Church Brighton 10000 One Church Brighton works with people from across Sussex who live on the margins of society, supporting the homeless and vulnerably housed, low-income families, unemployed people, disenfranchised youth and seniors at risk of isolation, among others. They offer these services regardless of age, background or beliefs. This funding will support the rapid reuse of more depleted land using organic growing methods at Rock Farm that capture carbon; rapidly expand their renewable energy resources for year-round growing; and accelerate the urgent transition to more durable growing methods. This new round of funding will help us accelerate our move toward sustainable food production by paying for an extra part-time grower and purchasing the materials required to increase their growing zones.


Refugee Radio 6690 Refugee Radio are a charity for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. They are dedicated to promoting refugee integration and reducing isolation. Most of their work is focused on community projects supporting people who have been exposed to war, torture or sexual violence and who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This funding will enable the group to run a weekly walking group to enable people suffering from PSTD and depression to improve their wellbeing through engagement with the South Downs and the natural environment.


Pedal People 10000 Pedal People are volunteer cycle pilots who ride out together with elder care residents. Many rarely get any outdoor time otherwise. They experience our city, community and nature close-up. All riders enjoy health benefits. 50:50 balance of female/male volunteer pilots. 75% passengers living with dementia. Rides are free to elders. Several rides daily, year-round. This funding will enable the group to continue operating in this current financial year (ending 30 September) and into the next. Funding will contribute towards the three salaried areas – Captain, volunteer support and training, elder care and support and operations/ride management.


Albourne, Sayers Common & Twineham Parochial Church Council 11000 ASCAT PCC manages 3 Churches to ensure that they are a open and available to all members of the public all year round as a centre for the worshipping community; a place of memorial and quiet beauty for local residents; and as a listed heritage site for visitors. This funding will be used towards building toilet facility in grounds adjoining the church to allow local residents, visitors to the church and graveyard, attendees to concerts held in the church, and children who visit the church and play in the adjoining forest school area all to have a local sanitary facility with running water to allow them to wash their hands and go to the toilet. There is no other public facility anywhere in Twineham, as the cricket club is not always open. The church acts as a hub for the community as the village school is not available.


The EYE (Eco Young & Engaged) Project 4920 EYE is a Worthing based member-led group that promote aspects of Eco living to schools across the Adur & Worthing districts through workshops with pupils and teachers from participating schools in the area. This funding will be used to support the annual Worthing & Adur Eco-Summit that takes place in June/July, restrictions permitting.


South Downs Leisure 2688 South Downs Leisure is part of a wider partnership network including over 50 local clubs and charities, including The Alzheimer’s Society, Grassroots Suicide Prevention, Age UK West Sussex, GoodGym and Coastal West Sussex MIND. This funding will be used towards the cost of running the GreenDreams community festival, encompassing a wide range of environmentally friendly groups and activities. The event aims to encourage more people to participate in local environmental ‘green’ initiatives.


The Spire Arts 10000 The Spire is an arts organisation that has given new life to the Grade II former St Mark’s Chapel, a much-loved community landmark in East Brighton. The organisation supports local people and professional theatre makers to develop, take part in and present new creative projects. The Spire is a magical place to experience art and culture in East Brighton. We welcome over 15,000 people per year into our space, many of whom are local and would not normally be able to access activity in the centre of town. This funding would enable an upgrade to the lighting system in the space.


Twineham Parish Council 8272 Twineham Parish Council are a statutory bod and the closest level of government to the community. Responsible for making policies and decisions relevant to the public interest. Funding for new finger posts to ensure the parish heritage is honoured. Erection of picnic benches on the playing field, enabling families to spend quality time in the fresh air and build community cohesion.


Smarter Uniforms 10000 Smarter Uniforms is a CIC that partners with schools to collect outgrown uniforms which we then sort, wash and resell back to parents. We aim to save parents money, fundraise for schools and protect our planet’s precious resources for our children’s future. We provide free uniforms where families are eligible. We want to continue employing one part-time volunteer co-ordinator and administrator for six months who works with eight volunteers. We need to have continuity in this role as training and understanding our organisations work and responsibility is essential to us delivery a service with strong integrity. We also would like to recruit a short term business development manager to establish key partnerships to outsource certain parts of our workstream, strengthen our local communication channels and become more firmly integrated within the schools that we work with. We feel this is essential to scaling up our activities and impact.


Friends of Hove Lagoon 10000 FOHL aim to (1) protect Hove Lagoon area as a valued amenity for current and future generations (2) liaise and engage with local residents, the city council, statutory authorities, relevant voluntary organisations, community groups and other stakeholders on issues affecting the facilities, environment, activities and amenity value of the Lagoon. This funding will be used for plants in the areas at the Westerly end of Hove Lagoon to create gardens surrounding the two pavilions, and raised beds with sensory plants running in between. The design will support the local biodiversity and budget will be set aside for community involvement in gardening and ongoing maintenance costs.