Land and Power Ltd

Based in Henfield, West Sussex almost adjacent to the Rampion onshore cable route, Land and Power Ltd is a civil and electrical engineering company working across a wide range of installation and construction projects.

For Rampion the organisation has played a major role in the on-going reinstatement of the onshore cable route corridor, working closely with other contractors, Carillion and Three Shires, to ensure the work is carried out within the requirements of the development consent order.

The reinstatement work has enabled Land and Power to hire additional employees including banksmen and plant operators to ensure the organisation has been able to fulfil the work requirements.

Specific activities have included; backfilling subsoil and topsoil, replacing turf, removing temporary compounds, re-profiling ditches and flumes and specialist civil engineering works within cable joint bays such as concrete pad extensions, constructing chamber sections and backfilling.

Ben Hogan, Director of Land and Power Ltd said:

“Working on the Rampion onshore cable route has given us the opportunity to fully utilise our vehicles and equipment, for example our low lorry loader has been busy with extra plant movement work as we have supported Three Shires and Miles Drainage to move their plant from one location to another.

“We can now add offshore wind farm experience to our growing portfolio of projects that includes solar wind farm installation, sea defence and beach maintenance works, equestrian riding areas and a variety of civil engineering schemes.”

More information about the company can be found at Land and Power Ltd.



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