Workforce development

During the construction, operation and maintenance of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, the organisation will support the development of a highly skilled workforce by providing training opportunities.

These opportunities lie primarily in the key areas of health & safety, offshore skills and certification.

Since the start, Rampion has sought to promote where possible the number of local people employed on the project. To this end, a skills action strategy was implemented in conjunction with the local authorities, including the Sussex Education Business Partnership. The initiative identified skills gaps in the local workforce and implemented proposals on how to reduce them by increasing opportunities for local people.

This skills work included: identifying and liaising with local feeder schools for Rampion jobs; offering short-term placements to enable people to gain experience, as well as retraining local people to help them to transition their skills into offshore wind.

Rampion has also worked closely with local training providers to ensure those people working on the wind farm have up-to-date skills.

Staff working on the construction, operation and maintenance of Rampion are kept abreast of the opportunities that exist in the offshore renewables industry and are supported to be prepared so that they can also work on future projects within the industry.