Rampion Visitor Centre

The Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Visitor Centre will be opening in late 2019 in two of the newly refurbished arches just east of the i360 in Brighton, East Sussex.

Almost a dozen venues in Brighton and Worthing were assessed as the potential site, with the Brighton arches being chosen due to the high footfall location, views of the wind farm and excellent public transport connections, as well as the size of floor space.

The aim of the facility will be to increase awareness and understanding about the wind farm itself, as well as to raise knowledge about offshore wind energy. It will house exhibitions and interactive displays for visitors to learn more about wind energy and discover the whole Rampion story.

The Visitor Centre will be open all year round and will be a positive addition to the local tourist offering, helping to attract people and boost the economy. It will also be open to school and student groups and offer educational outreach opportunities.


Two arches will be home to the new Rampion Visitor Centre.