Project Liaison Groups

A number of Project Liaison Groups (PLG) were formed as part of the early engagement with stakeholders and the community.

It was recognised that providing forums in which representatives of groups and organisations could work to address their issues about Rampion was an important part of the development process. Each PLG was issue specific and formed to further support engagement with the large and diverse Sussex community holding a wide range of interests.

Five separate PLGs were formed to cover: commercial fishing, business and tourism, community, environment and sea users, with the first meetings held in 2011.

Minutes of each of the meetings held with each of the PLGs prior to submitting the development consent application were included within the submission and can be found here: PLG Meeting Minutes Consultation Report Appendix E – December 2012.

The PLGs continued after the application was submitted, and the minutes of those meetings can be found below.

Business and Tourism PLG