One of the earliest decisions made on the project was to underground the entire length of the cable, rather than using pylons and overhead lines that would have changed the landscape.

It was also recognised early in the project that some of the areas along the cable route were particularly susceptible to change and so some novel approaches to construction of the cable were introduced.

At Tottington Mount, an especially steep area of sensitive chalk grassland in the South Downs National Park, Rampion worked with Royal Kew Gardens to harvest seeds from the area prior to construction.

A specific turfing technique was also used to ensure that the potential for erosion of the soil and therefore impact to the grassland was minimised. We reduced the working width and used specialised machinery because of the nature of the land and soil.

With all onshore cable work complete, the focus will be in reinstating the land back to its pre-construction condition. The reinstatement works will be ongoing into 2018, with the aim being to reinstate the land along the route as early as practicable. There is a 10 year commitment to monitor the progress of the reinstatement and ensure it has been a success.