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Career case studies

Here we have a series of interviews with members of the Rampion team. We chat about their role, career, and their thoughts for the future.

Interested in a paticular role, or just interested in the renewables industry? Listen to team members talking about the industry and what advice they would give to anyone thinking of joining a rapidly expanding global sector.


General Manager – Richard Crowhurst

Richard is the person in charge of the Rampion Wind farm, and talks about his role, career development, and his thoughts on the future of the industry. As an apprentice himself he demonstrates that career paths are often varied and gives some sound advice to anyone just starting out on their career path.

Governance & Stakeholder Manager – Jennifer Donn

Jen discusses her role and all that it entails, as well as taking us through her career to date. She has advice for anyone just starting out on their career journey or looking to move in to the renewable sector, as well as her thoughts on the future of the UK wind Industry.

Production Manager – Jim Vause

Jim, as Production Manager, handles to the day to day running of the Rampion Wind Farm, the only Wind Farm on the South Coast of England. He talks about his career path from apprentice to manager, and has advice for anyone thinking of a career in engineering and the renewable energy sector.

Engineering Manager – Ross Bickerstaff

After joining the company through the graduate scheme, Ross talks to us about his career to date and what he see’s as key to a successful career. Being involved in every part of the life cycle of a Wind Farm Ross discusses how this has benefited his career, and enabled him to be the Engineering Manager at Rampion.

Visitor Centre Manager – Katie Scanlan

As the manager of the Rampion Visitor Centre, Katie talks to us about her passion for learning and her career through the education sector that brought her to the Management position at the Visitor Centre. She also discusses her thoughts on the future of the industry and advice for anyone thinking about their future career.

Health & Safety Manager – Pete Chilcott

As Rampion’s Health and Safety manager, Pete talks to us about his past roles and career history as well as his aspirations and thoughts regarding his own, as well as the industries, future. With good advice for anyone thinking of improving their career prospects or even just beginning their career, Pete talks about what he feels as a way of improving your career prospects.

Joint Venture Manager – Dan Allen-Baines

Dan talks to us about his career path that brought him to the role of Joint Venture Manager at Rampion. He also gives his personal insights in to where he see’s the industry moving in the future, and how you can improve your own career opportunities.

Operations Engineer – Chris Donn

Chris is one of the engineers at the Rampion Wind farm, and talks here about his career, his role, and what advice he has for someone starting out on their career path.