Rampion has employed steel monopile foundations weighing between 550 and 830 tonnes each with lengths between 60 to 85 metres. Their diameters vary from 5.75 to 6.5 metres.

Each monopile was designed and produced to individual specifications, with the size being dependent on the water depth and the seabed conditions at its specific location. They were designed by Bristol-based LIC Energy and fabricated by SIF in the Netherlands.

On top of each monopile sits a bright-yellow transition piece, which both supports the wind turbine and enables wind turbine technicians and others to access it as required. Transition pieces weigh approximately 250 tonnes each and feature a standardised design with their platform sitting 20m above highest astronomical tide (HAT).

The foundation for the offshore substation is a lattice steel jacket design, with four legs, and designed to hold the substation topside and cable deck that together weigh more than 2000 tonnes.