Wind turbines

Rampion features 116 3.45 megawatt (MW) turbines that each sit on top of a specially design foundation fixed to the seabed.

The turbines comprise an 80m tall tower, a nacelle for the generation equipment, a hub, and three 55m long blades. When vertical, the tip of the turbine blade reaches 140m, which is slightly higher than the peak height of the Brighton i360’s viewing pod. In total the rotor diameter is 112 metres.

They are installed in 12 strings, or rows, each with 9 to 10 turbines connected by array cables that join in to the single offshore substation.

The closest wind turbine to shore is 13km (8 miles) and the farthest is 20km (12.5 miles) away.

The dimensions of the three components of the wind turbine are:

The towers weigh 167 tons, are 64 metres tall with a diameter of 5 metres.

The nacelles weigh 163 tons, and its dimensions are 18m long by 4m wide and 7m tall (including cooler top)

Each blade weight 12 tons and is almost  55m long.

The wind turbines start generating electricity at wind speeds of around 3 metres per second (m/s) or approximately 7 miles per hour and generate maximum rated power (reach full capacity), at 12 m/s. They cut out when wind speeds reach 25.5 m/s, or around 50 miles per hour, to prevent damage from the gale force winds.

For more specific details on the turbines you can download this technical fact sheet. V112-3.45 MW