New operations and maintenance base

Rampion’s new operations & maintenance base at the East Quay in Newhaven Port started construction in spring 2017 and is now nearing completion ready for the team to move in.

The section of the quay where the base is located has been renamed Rampion Quay by the port for ease of reference.

The base will be home to the 60 strong Rampion team who will operate the wind farm once it is up and running. The brand new base incorporates offices and welfare facilities, as well as an industrial warehouse for storage of parts and equipment for the maintenance of the wind farm.

It is conveniently located quayside to allows the teams easy access to the crew transfer vessels that will head to the site each day.

The new base is a flagship project helping to spearhead the revitalisation of the port. It is sited within one of the eight sites making up the new Newhaven Enterprise Zone, which will initially focus on the ‘clean, green and marine’ sectors and aims to build on the town’s historic maritime strengths.

Operations and maintenance building

The Rampion operations and maintenance building has been designed to be energy efficient and environmentally-friendly and includes the following features:

–          Solar PV – 24 panels, 7.5kW

–          Electric car charging points x 6 (10%)

–          Bris Soleil – (window shading) lowers heat gain

–          Tinted windows – lowers heat gain

–          LED lighting with daylight linked and absence detection control

–          Auto off taps

–          Sky lights over warehouse

–          Air source heat pumps

–          Thermal heat recovery wheel in ventilation plant

–          Building Energy Management System

–          Comprehensive metering of electricity usage – For in-house monitoring, control and refinement

–          Enhanced building fabric insulation levels and air tightness to higher than Building Reg standards

–          Time and light level controlled external lighting

–          Fast acting roller shutter door (prevents heat loss)

–          User activated workshop heating with auto off

–          Teleconferencing phones (save travel)

Newhaven operations and maintenance base under construction (August 2017)