Timelapse of Rampion taking shape

Brighton-based company Deckchair has set up a timelapse camera to record the installation of Rampion’s 116 wind turbines from a strategically placed camera that takes photos every 300 seconds, 24 hours a day.

That is 12 images an hour, 280 images per day, or 56,000 over a six-month period.

The time-lapse enables those with an interest to follow the progress of the jack-ups and other vessels as they traverse the site constructing the wind farm.

Instructions for viewing

You can follow the wind farm direct or, if you click the play button on the right of the screen towards the middle, watch timelapse clips to view activity from previous 24 hour periods. Click one of those and the video will open for you to watch. Clicking save at this point will download the video.

Sometimes there is not a lot to see because of the weather conditions and visibility but other times you get a clear view of the busy offshore construction site.

Clicking save at any other point will simply download the image you are currently seeing.