Sweeptech Environmental Services

Sweeptech is a Sussex-based waste management company that provides cleaning and recycling services for a wide range of business sectors including transport, utilities, construction and local councils.

For Rampion they delivered road-sweeping support to keep the roads, particularly at site access points, clean from mud and other site debris carried by contractor vehicles throughout the construction of the onshore cable route.

An important element of the work has been to utilise their award-winning patented technique, which has ensured 100% of the site waste has been recycled and therefore not used in landfill.

Until only recently the mud and debris cleaned from roads in work such as that undertaken for Rampion was landfilled, but thanks to Sweeptech’s investment in innovation, this new approach makes positive use of the material.

Martin Smith, CEO of Sweeptech Environmental Services Ltd said:

“With this project we were able to break all of the waste collected back into British Standard certified aggregate that was then re-used by other highways clients in their projects. This means we were able to deliver 100% compliant recycling to the benefit of both our client, and the environment.

“We will be able to highlight the methodology used in the Rampion project as a reference for potential future clients who are looking to adopt the most environmental and sustainable approach to their waste management.”


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