Rampion Visitor Centre

The Rampion Offshore Wind Farm Visitor Centre will be opening in April 2020 in the newly refurbished arches just east of the i360 in Brighton, East Sussex.

The Brighton arches were chosen due to the high footfall, views of the wind farm and excellent public transport connections.

The aim of the facility will be to increase awareness and understanding about the wind farm, as well as to raise knowledge about offshore wind energy. It will house exhibitions, videos, and other interactive displays, so that visitors can learn more about wind energy, and discover the whole Rampion story since its inception over ten years ago.

The Visitor Centre will be open throughout the year. It will also be open to group visits and offer educational workshop opportunities.

We hope that you will come and visit us to learn more about sustainable energy and the Rampion story.

If you would like more information for groups visiting, please contact us at info@rampionoffshore.com

For queries about our educational programme please contact: education@rampionoffshore.com

Follow our Instagram at: @RampionVisitorCentre for updates.