Sponsorships and partnerships

Rampion Offshore Wind has supported a number of community initiatives, events and activities since the award of the licence to develop the seabed.

Our aim has been to meet community expectations while fulfilling our own strategic objectives and requirements for local involvement.

For this reason we have carried out targeted and relevant sponsorships to support local organisations and events to both raise awareness of the wind farm and its phases of development, pre-construction and construction, and support worthwhile community initiatives.

The sponsorships have been selected for their relevance and overall fit as well as their ability to help profile the project amongst residents and the wider community.

As well as providing funding via sponsorships, Rampion has also looked to work with organisations, groups and local government to provide direct input and expertise through mutually beneficial partnership arrangements.

The activities to date have focussed on the wind farm’s development and construction phases, and within communities most impacted by the works. Now in the operations phase, the Rampion Community Benefit Fund has become the primary funding vehicle for community initiatives.

Rampion will also continue to offer sponsorship to events and activities with an educational and environmental benefit, with a particular focus on supporting the community within Newhaven.