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Hi, I am Zephyr, welcome to my page of fun activities for schools and families.

You will find lots of activities and games to do here as well as fun facts and information about wind energy and climate change.

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Zephyr and I am an inventor. I love finding out how things work and inventing new things.

Did you know:

• Zephyr means a soft gentle breeze

• I am a young inventor who can travel through the sky and summon the wind using my amazing inventions

• I really like explaining complex ideas in a way that is easy for other young people to understand

• I’ve got inventor’s goggles, wind generating gloves and I can travel through the sky on my skyboard (my very own invention!)



Activity sheets

We have developed some simple and easy to follow resources and activities for teachers or parents looking for fun and education activities for their children.

Click on the link to find out more: Discover. Learn. Explore


Zephyr’s writing competition

Zephyr’s writing competition was a huge success! We received loads of great entries and the winners have been chosen. The winning entries will be published in a book, so our visitors can read all about Zephyr’s adventures. In the meantime you can read the stories here!

Zephyr’s Writing Competition Winners!


Year 2 Winner
Year 2 Winner – Elwen
Year 3 Winner – Federica
Year 4 Winner – Samson
Year 5 Winner – Cerys






Year 6 Winner – Lucian
Year 7 Winner – Serena
Year 8 Winner – Erris
Year 9 Winner - Tess
Year 9 Winner – Tess