04 June 2020

Be aware of the risks when diving at Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

The operations and maintenance team at Rampion Offshore Wind Farm on the Sussex coast has noticed an increase in visiting dive boats to the wind farm.

“Our engineers travel out to the wind farm and work on the turbines and substation daily, which means that if divers are also at the site, there are dangers for both them and our teams,” said a spokesperson from Rampion.

“We have therefore issued a leaflet to all dive clubs in the area to share with their members and to raise awareness of the hazards of visiting the wind farm.”

Risks highlighted include high speed vessel traffic, high voltage seabed cables, preventing emergency access to the turbines and substation where engineers are working, unpredictable currents, sharp marine growth, falling objects and snag hazards, including the shallow buried cables by the turbines.

Divers who do choose to risk diving in the area are encouraged not to go too close and to contact the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm control room when departing port or before starting a dive, to confirm diving location, expected arrival and departure times, vessel name and call sign, as well as the number of divers expected in the water.

The contact details are Tel: 01273 514588, Email: rampion.controlroom@rwe.com, VHF Channel: 16.

“We recommend you avoid diving along Rampion’s export cable route and within 100 metres of our turbines and substation. We also request that no vessel ties on to the substation or turbines.

“We would like to thank divers for their cooperation and help in keeping everyone safe,” continued the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm spokesperson.


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