02 January 2019

Applications for apprenticeship now open

As part of our local skills programme, Rampion has offered apprenticeships to encourage and facilitate the entry of more people into the offshore wind industry.

Apprenticeships are both a real alternative to university and a genuine chance to learn and grow at one of the largest power and gas companies in the world. Wind turbine technicians travel offshore each day with other technicians to keep the turbines turning to produce low carbon electricity for the UK market.

Rampion has been one of the UK’s first offshore wind farms to fulfil site technician roles directly from the apprenticeship pipeline.

To date six apprenticeships have been placed in the project and further positions will be based on the business need to match apprentice training to staff attrition. It is expected that ultimately 10-20% of the technician workforce will be employed via the apprenticeship programme.

This fact sheet explains more about Rampion’s apprenticeship programme and the qualifications required: Becoming a wind turbine technician

Applications are now open and the closing date is 31st January 2019.

To apply please visit the EON Careers website

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