30 April 2018

Divers now able to dive in wind farm array with restrictions

The construction of Rampion Offshore Wind Farm is nearing its completion however sea user safety remains of paramount importance and therefore it is strongly recommended that diving is avoided on the export cable route, within 100 metres (m) of turbines and the substation and within 500m of construction vessels, until the works are fully complete later in 2018.

As well as the ongoing construction works, particularly along the export cable site, divers’ should also be aware of work boats and high-speed crew transfer vessels (CTV), transiting between the wind farm site and Newhaven Port, Brighton Marina and Shoreham Port.

Beyond these restrictions and recommendations, we are pleased to announce that divers are now free to dive within the wind farm array.  However, it remains the responsibility of divers to be aware of all admiralty charts and associated navigation advice in relation to wind farm installations and buried subsea cables.

Advertising notices updating divers about the progress of construction and the recommended safety advise have now been published in diving magazines including Diver and Scuba, and you can also find all the details on our Information for divers page.

As at the end of April 2018:

  • Array construction is largely complete
  • Turbine installation is complete with all 116 turbines now connected to grid
  • Array cable works are complete but divers should remain 100m from turbines and substation
  • Export cable route works will continue until full operation in autumn 2018
  • Caution and vigilance must always be maintained in respect of high-speed traffic

A list of charter boat operators, who are aware of the safety restrictions can be found here.

It is recommended that divers considering diving in this area keep themselves properly informed of up-to-date Notices to Mariners which are published on this website.


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