05 March 2021

Rampion delighted to support the Newhaven Tree Wardens

The Newhaven Tree Wardens are a small group of volunteers, affiliated to Newhaven Town Council and a part of the National Tree Council scheme.

Their aim is to plant and nurture trees in and around Newhaven Town, to plant native perennials that encourage pollinating insects and support the town’s wildlife corridors.

Rampion were delighted to support the Newhaven Tree Wardens with their fantastic work in and around Newhaven.

Jules Charrington from the Tree Wardens said, “We are so grateful to Rampion for supporting us and are really looking forward to working together on making a cleaner, greener environment.”

Jennifer Donn, Rampion’s Stakeholder Manager said, “we are delighted to support local community initiatives in Newhaven. The Tree Wardens passion for improving nature for all in Newhaven is wonderful to see and we are so pleased to support the creation and maintenance of greener spaces within the town.” 

The Wardens first tree planting project was opposite Paradise Park where they planted walnut, rowan and hazel.

Since then at this site they have mulched, watered, mulched again for the last three years and the next step is to look at underplanting with native perennials and wild herbs to support and increase the biodiversity.

They are creating log barriers to provide additional habitat and to protect from the mowers.

The team of volunteers also planted shrubs on North Way to screen the concrete flood defenses, absorb pollution and provide shade and habitat for insects.

The Wardens have also provided some fruit trees for the Community Gardens and are currently planting Dutch Elm Disease Resistant Elms as a part of the South Downs National Park Millenium Elms project…along with many others.

The Newhaven Tree Wardens have a regular spot in the town magazine Newhaven Matters and can be found on social media – @BN9Trees




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