10 November 2017

Update on the onshore reinstatement programme

Reinstating the onshore cable route and the land around the Twineham substation is the current priority for Rampion’s onshore team now that the cable installation is complete and work on the substation is nearing its final stage.

Reinstatement means returning the land along the full length of the site, including the South Downs National Park, to how it was prior to construction.

The work will involve restoring all the drainage, replacing the subsoil and topsoil that is currently stored next to the cable route, re-seeding the ground cover, replacing boundary fences and planting hedges and trees. Once the grass and other vegetation has grown to a robust state, the temporary fencing will be removed and all Public Rights of Way restored.

To ensure the success of the reinstatement it is vital the activity, particularly the topsoil replacement and re-seeding, is carried out at the most seasonally appropriate time of year.

Reinstatement activity has started with the sensitive chalk grassland of Tottington Mount and in areas that are required to regenerate naturally. It has also started in areas that stakeholders asked to be prioritised, including near the substation and in Brooklands Pleasure Park.

Brooklands Pleasure Park

In the coming weeks the Par 3 golf course will be reinstated using specialist turf to ensure the greens will rapidly return to their former condition, so that the golf course can reopen at the earliest opportunity. The section of cable route between the golf course and the railway will also be reinstated before the winter season, however the temporary construction fencing is expected to remain in place until spring 2018 to give the new grass the chance to grow before the area is opened to the public.

The Rampion construction compound, behind the green hoardings adjacent to Brighton Road, will need to remain in place until at least the middle of 2018 due to the fact that the offshore export cables require additional work. As they join the onshore cables at the compound in the park, these works need to be completed before this area can be reinstated.

Onshore substation

Reinstatement work has also started around the substation, with the remaining stone surfaces due to be laid in November.  During the month there will also be final termination works and testing of equipment and ancillary installations will be undertaken.

By the end of the year a permanent access road will be installed alongside Public Right of Way 8T and some hedges will be planted around the work area. To complete these works before the winter sets in, approved activities will be carried out both during normal working days and, in some instances, on the weekends until the last week of November.

After November, the reinstatement activity will pause due to weather conditions and seasonal restrictions. Planting and other reinstatement activities will be undertaken next year to coincide with the growing seasons.

The remaining reinstatement works along the cable route and at the substation will move into early 2018 with completion due in the autumn.

The reinstatement is later than originally planned as construction was delayed due to a number of unforeseen issues that have led us to miss this year’s planting window for much of the route.

The Rampion team apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delay in reinstatement activities and wants to reassure the local community that there is total commitment to returning the onshore cable construction route, substation surrounds and Brooklands Pleasure Park to their pre-construction states as rapidly as possible.

After the reinstatement work is complete, Rampion has a commitment to monitor its success for up to 10 years.

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