07 November 2017

World’s largest LEGO turbine overlooks south coast’s first offshore wind farm

The world’s largest wind turbine made out of LEGO bricks has been unveiled in the Brighton, with views of Rampion from its new home.

The 7.5 m high turbine won the LEGO Group a Guinness World Record in May for being the biggest structure of its kind made from the plastic bricks.

From now until January 2018 it will be housed at Park Square, in the Brighton Marina.

Constructed from more than 146,000 of the toy bricks, the impressive structure took ten to 15 people per shift, three shifts per day and 600 man hours to complete.

It was originally built in celebration of the LEGO Group reaching its target of 100 per cent renewable energy capacity three years early.

From its location, visitors will be able to see the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, the south coast’s first offshore wind farm. With 116 turbines standing at 140 metres to their blade tip, the wind farm will produce enough green electricity to power the equivalent of almost 350,000 homes, once it is fully operational in 2018.

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