Operations & Maintenance building credentials

The Rampion operations and maintenance base is a flagship facility helping to spearhead the revitalisation of the port.

Designed by architects Corstorphine + Wright working together with the engineering firm Helmsley Orrell Partnership (HOP) as the client engineering representative, the new building is environmentally-friendly and includes the following energy efficient features:

  • Solar PV – 48 panels, 15kW max output
  • Electric car charging points for up to 16 vehicles per day
  • Bris Soleil – (window shading) lowers heat gain
  • Tinted windows – lowers heat gain
  • LED lighting with daylight linked and absence detection control
  • Auto off taps
  • Sky lights over warehouse
  • VRF air source heat pumps to serve both the space heating/cooling and the domestic hot water:
    • 146kW office heating and hot water
    • 146kW office cooling
    • 106kW warehouse heating
  • Convection space heaters around the building that provide heat only in corridors during colder weather
  • Thermal heat recovery wheel in ventilation plant
  • Building Energy Management System
  • Comprehensive metering of electricity usage – For in-house monitoring, control and refinement
  • Enhanced building fabric insulation levels and air tightness to higher than Building Reg standards
  • Time and light level controlled external lighting
  • Cycle racks to encourage cycling to work
  • Fast acting roller shutter door (prevents heat loss)
  • User activated workshop heating with auto off
  • Teleconferencing phones (save travel)

The building has achieved an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) A rating.